Why Should You Belong?

       Associations exist primarily to do for their members what their members cannot do for themselves.   Today, with the ever-growing demands of your customers, your expanding competition, your personnel hiring and training challenges, the constant threat of increasing government involvement in all phases of your business, and a host of other time-consuming business concerns, NCSFA membership may well be the wisest decision and the soundest investment you will ever make!


  • Quarterly newsletter keeps members up to date on happenings in the industry.

  • Design School and Shop Operation School recognized by the Continuing Education Department of the State on North Carolina with 3.5 credits for each completed.  Opportunity to test on both and become a North Carolina Certified Professional Florist.

  • Mini Seminars throughout the State

  • Opportunities to apply for scholarships for schools of design and shop operation.

  • I.C. Systems is endorsed by the NCSFA.  This is a system for collection old debts owed to members.

  • The NCSFA is a member of the Society of American Florist which has a liaison committee working to combat "Please Omit" and many other issues confronting florists.


  • Coupon for $10.00 off the regular price of a family or higher membership in the North Carolina Zoological Society.

  • Coupon from Mann Travel & Cruises for a $50.00 per booking discount on your next air-inclusive cruise or vacation package of seven nights or longer.

  • An Annual Convention where

    • All members may voice their opinions on the course of action being taken and cast their vote for officers and director.

    • New members are recognized.

    • Top designers form across the country present new ideas and techniques in design sessions.

    • Designer of the Year, North Carolina Treadaway Cup, Miniature Arrangement, Headdress, Body Flower and Centerpiece Contests offering a learning experience for participants and others present.

    • Scholarships are awarded for design and shop operation schools.

    • A memorial service is held to honor deceased members.

    • Good food, shows, and entertainment in beautifully and lavishly decorated surroundings are a part of every convention.

Call or write for more information on benifits.

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P.O. Box 41368, Raleigh, North Carolina 27629
(919) 876-0687  /  (800) 889-7118  /  FAX (919) 878-7413
E-mail: execman@att.net

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